Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thought for The Day - Slap, Boom!

The sound of anger, aggression and force! Personally, that's not my style but everyone is prone to moments of angry expressions. We all have a need to express emotions that are, for the most part, destructive or at best "passionate." There are times when the calm of the day is hardly what I want and without notice, I need to get out of the quiet of office space and just go walk a few blocks or so to stomp the concrete!

Again, this is not my typical nature. Quiet is; so much so, one of my coworkers asked me if I was okay because I was so quiet. But I am, mostly; we have a few "talkers" in our row and it isn't unusual for a conversation to be going on. But I'm more of a listener.

Certain topics get me going, though I tailor my contribution to a discussion based on the audience. Certain times with painting, I can feel the push of this energy coming through as I apply paint to the canvas. It's a swish, boom, swish-pop of the brush bouncing off the canvas, the canvas actually moving like the surface of a basketball being dribbled. My thoughts don't have to be frustration or angry, but in that moment, there is a strong push, a drive to get this energy transferred to the canvas! And so it goes.

One thing I've learned is there are forces beyond comprehension. There are unseen energies and forces around us all the time. Disturbance, trouble and a bit of turmoil aren't always evil or destructive. At times, we need to move with the energy and do so without causing harm to others. I am careful with my words when I feel the need to let this energy flow because this force seems bent on hurting. No, I choose to love and similarly, express my energy.