Monday, December 15, 2014

Jagged Edge

Expand 18 x 24 pastel

Sometimes I feel very near that place, the spot where discomfort is dangerous, where life is in jeopardy. And yet, I'm here, now, in this place of comfort. Many times, I wonder if I like discomfort and welcome it into my life. I wonder if I put myself in places to be miserable and prefer it as opposed to comfort and joy. You know, you can make a day in paradise a day in hell!

On the edge, where you don't know whether tomorrow  will come. The place where you think all hope is lost and thoughts of tomorrow are more of the same or worse. Unfortunately, this is what we choose to make reality. Writing this blog does not make me exempt; I most assuredly struggle daily, almost minute by minute, with a sense of misery. So here we sit or stand, on the edge of what we desire above all else and what we choose to accept from life. Somehow, we think the dichotomy is a great place to set up our tent and to hang out.

There is a better place to be, a better choice for our life. It isn't a matter of "deserving" or being "destined" for either one or the other. It is a matter of choosing what is good, right, loving and beneficial. It is both self serving and serves all. It is a choice to live life to it's fullest in all it's wonder and joy. This is our primary purpose in life and to do so using our talents, emotions and love.