Monday, August 11, 2014

Thought for The Day - Giving the Matter Careful Consideration

Thinking it through

Mulling 'it' over in my mind

Considering 'it' from all angles

Using logical and careful analysis doesn't always yield the best results. Too often, we consider the "facts" only, meaning, we only examine our lives using the "measurable" and "quantifiable." But there is far more to life than what can be weighed or checked against a tape measure. Have you ever weighed  an unexpected phone call or a friend taking you to lunch? Is there a cost attached to a passionate kiss? What about the loss of compassion and friendship, is that measurable?

The sun rises and sets each day and while we can predict those times with a high degree of certainty the immeasurable value of looking in the eastern sky as the sun rises will not fit into an equation! Life, real life, is more than dollars and cents!