Monday, August 25, 2014

Thought for The Day - The Space

For many years, the basement went through multiple arrangements. We moved into our home 25 years ago and the basement was unfinished and wide open. No previous owners' trash in a leftover box somewhere. There was a water heater, the furnace and one electrical outlet for a washer and dryer near the sink. But soon a daughter came and with that, the notion of my wife staying home to take care of her and provide daycare for a few children. Electrical outlets, huge carpet remnants and drywall brought in to make the space warm and inviting. The basement became the play area and stayed that way for years! The age differences in our three children ensured whatever television we had down here, was always tuned to Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, PBS or otherwise. I didn't mind because I didn't need space.

Most of my children are adults and my youngest spends most of his time in his room. We put up more drywall and now I have my own space. It isn't much and is mostly used as storage. But the 4' x 4' space I have feels like a huge loft space! This time of the morning, there is me, my computer and music. From time to time, I'll burn incense just because it seems to change the space a bit. My canvases, completed, in process and yet to be touched are all around; a table filled with art supplies sits behind me.

In the winter, this space gets C-O-L-D! So cold the space heater barely keeps me warm, not to mention the room! And after I have bundled up in a couple layers, complained and rubbed my hands together, the space becomes a cozy hideaway, with room for my ideas, my images and enough room to birth those ideas.