Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thought for The Day - Rearranging the Space

Clearing out space

Moving around stuff

Making room for more

Getting rid of old energy

A constant process... we aren't as wise and clever as we would like to think. But we've got to do something! After all, as much as we deny it, we crave change! It's in our DNA, our soul is this bundle of energy and constant growth. So, from one minute to the next, from day to day, we move about, we settle down, we shift and we stretch. Always moving people in and out of our lives.

Yes, people and things, coming and going; seeing this person and that one; wanting to "settle down" with someone but when we do, we aren't really settled are we? We want to grow together and somehow we don't. We make this life as difficult as it needs to be.

My words aren't cryptic, friend. You understand what I'm saying...