Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thought for The Day - Keeping it Together

Step, step, step, step, sli-i-i-i-i-de! That's me yesterday at noon. Out for a walk before getting lunch, the ground still wet from rain the previous day. My shoes are probably best designed for people who would be standing stationary most of the day, not for walking a mile or so each day. The soles are rubber, padded, but the combination of my size and gait, makes me slide from time to time. This is a very dangerous undertaking, considering I have herniated discs in my back and of late, the muscles are extremely sensitive! So many reasons to keep my steps lined up and conscious of every surface I encounter along the way! And a good reason to buy a pair of walking shoes for this latest form of exercise!

Though this back condition is alarming, my assurance comes from doing what I can to keep things together. Daily exercise not only helps to minimize back pain, the types of exercises I do help to keep me strong. A variety of stretches focus on all muscles to ensure the cardio and strength training doesn't leave the muscles sore and stiff. Well, actually they are, but that is to be expected, considering the types of weight I lift.

I keep myself moving, twisting and lifting because I hope to be able to move well from now until I am called home. I have no guarantees on that future, but I do have the capability of ensuring what I'm doing makes me a healthier man. What are you in relation to your goals?