Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thought for The Day - Snag It

Every now and then, a notion comes along and you should reach out and grab it! Don't let it pass by so many other thoughts and feelings. You know the one's: I should go out for a walk; wonder what it would be like to wake up in Paris; I should take a pottery class. There are endless lists of things and places to go and people to meet and yet we settle for life we feel is mundane.

I don't believe it's in our DNA and Divinity, to live life unexplored. Granted, not every moment of every day is meant to be an adventure or spent pursuing elusive whims. We need stability and quiet and a certain sameness for living. But life is more than grocery lists and paying bills and church socials. It is long drives to visit relatives you haven't seen in years. It's an ice cream cone shared while sitting in the park. It's walks on the beach and reading a challenging book. It's a fishing trip with little or no goal, other than getting away from the noise of your life.'re watching television, a show where you know the plot, the characters and the end, like you know the back of your hand. Your mind wanders from the tube and suddenly, a thought comes to mind: "I should _______!" Snag it!