Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thought for The Day - Finish it!

Linen with a swirl (in process, still)

A coworker asked yesterday, what my goals are in painting. Without hesitation, I said it's to complete the painting I'm working on. I know by the look on her face, she was looking for something like "to be featured in ______ gallery" or "appear in _____ show," but I realize where my life sits for the moment. Aspirations, goals and dreams are important, but additionally, an honest assessment of your current situation is critical as well.

Completing the painting, being certain that it is where I want it to be, is critical. There have been times when I didn't know what else could be added to a painting. There have been times I said at some point, "it's finished," with that lingering sense that something else remained. Not this time; there is a strong sense of what needs to be done and a stronger sense of the completed image I'm looking for. But it is a slow process and worth each time I look over my shoulder as I write.

There's more at stake than completing a picture or saying "I did it!" No, I have intangibles to rise above; there is a sense of accomplishment and another "brick" to add to my identity. Eddie Hudson needs to go through this process and see it through to the end because he has walked away from too many things. Completing this painting is seeing a project through to the very end!