Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thought for The Day - Give Me a Little Time

Just a few minutes more
Just a few more
To savor this moment
To hang on to this sunset
And the gentle breeze
Whistling through the trees
Just a few seconds longer
To hold on to my beloved
To hold her closer and feel the warmth of her breath
Near my face
Before running off to work
And a life without her presence
Allow me an hour or two
Standing before this canvas,
"Work" isn't laborious or grueling
Pleasure is found in each brush stroke
The one to come as significant as the many before
One more day of life
Comes and goes quickly
Time passes faster than the whisper of your name
But each moment
Each day
And each hour
Leaves an indelible mark on my heart
Marking both me and history
Declaring I was here
You were there
And we loved each breath taken