Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thought for The Day - Identity

What makes you, you? What distinct features and blend of character traits mark you place on earth? What would your spouse, children, parents, friends and coworkers say makes you unique? Have you changed over the years, beyond physical? Are you prone to outburst or are you always quiet or laid back?

Personality; you are born with it and you always have it. It is your unique mark on this world. While this seems obvious, it's equally amazing that we like to classify and categorize people! And no matter how we hate to be put in a box, we do it to one another often. We are blends of family dynamics, neighborhoods, regional areas, peer influence and values. We may love similar foods and music as siblings, but there will always be a food that others love and we hate! There are distinctions between every person.

Appreciate our differences, celebrate one another's unique brand! Though we are all made in God's image, our distinctions indicate our God cannot be narrowed to our view!