Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thought for The Day - Your Part

...what is it? Your part? What part do you play in the world's growth, expansion, the love quotient that makes the globe a better place? Now before you minimize your part - the self-accusing type - or overemphasize your role - the "superstars" - realize we operate on so many levels.

I remember asking myself many times, growing up and as an adult, what I wanted to be when I grew up. I remember three distinct careers that came to mind: scientist, artist and businessman. Scientist, because I love experimenting with things, trying to make 'stuff' and the idea that there are undiscovered concepts, compounds and cures. Artist, because I love to create - seemingly, something out of nothing. And I wanted a business because I like the idea of earning money! But there were so many roles and parts that I thought about, and yet I've done them all!

  • I wanted to be a husband and father - doing that
  • I knew there was a calling for ministry on my life - done that
  • I wanted to help people work through their problems - doing that
  • I wanted to help people return to a higher calling for their lives - doing that
Some are born to be parents. Maybe not stellar, soccer mom and dads, but parents that teach lasting values to their children and their children in turn, teach those values to their children. Some are born to be politicians; they navigate the "peopled waters" where opinions and agendas determine policies for the nation. Some are born to help and fall into roles as doctors, dentists, nurses, etc. And there are so many more parts to play in this life! 

Here's an interesting notion and one that allowed me to pick up my brushes again: when you feel restless and as if the life you're living is missing something, SEARCH! You see, there's a strong possibility that you have yet to reach your potential! Now when I say "potential" I'm not talking celebrity status or notoriety. I'm talking about tasks and parts you have not tried yet. And while you may die, never having done them (we get stuck on the idea of "destiny"), understand, there's far more to your life when you're doing these things.