Saturday, August 9, 2014

Thought for The Day - Look before

You leap
You dance
You cross the street

Caution, attentiveness, aware, measuring your surroundings. Certainly, you may change your mind when you consider the risk. But isn't it better to be "safe than sorry?"

Life is full of risks and and chances. I couldn't tell you how many times I've watched people walking the street, face in their phone, heading toward a crossing! And the number of drivers I observe looking down at a phone makes driving a riskier venture. People jump into relationships without any thought for their feelings or without knowing who the other person is. And in our society, we always put money before nearly everything else! We will take a job - or try to get in a field - based on the expected income.

As opposed to concentrating on what's going on around you, to be cautious, spend an equal amount of time examining your motives, desires and expectations. What trends do you blindly follow because "everyone else is doing it?" Every person has an "inner compass," a self-identified gauge that will point them in the right direction; ignoring it is what puts most of us in harm's way. Open your eyes and look at your real motives and desires; that's where you will find your path and your peace!