Monday, August 18, 2014

Thought for The Day - Today's Special

" seared Ahi tuna, with asparagus and wild rice and coconut."

Good meals, flavorful delights, served hot and freshly prepared; got to love it! Mind you, that wasn't one of my meals this weekend or any other time, but it sounds great! But good company, great conversation is the same as well; it's welcome, it stirs the senses and leaves one satisfied. Sitting down with family and friends, talking about the state of the world, our nation, sharing the many ways God moves in our lives - it's exciting and worth the investment of time and energy.

Recently, I've gotten in the habit of reading multiple books in a given day. Of course, there is the main fare: the Holy Word. But lately I've picked up several good books and found myself "highlighting" inspiring passages. The practice of reading keeps me motivated to stay on track for positive changes in my life. And since we are ever changing and the world around us changes as well, you and I may as well change for the better.

I've also begin to walk at lunch. At times, it's challenging with the many aches and sore spots on this aging body, but once I get to moving, I'm forcing muscles to "power through" the aches.

Okay, a brief glimpse into my life. What about yours? What's new and exciting or simply noteworthy?