Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thought for The Day - Clouds

Lovely weather we're having?  One of the most interesting series of seasons I've experienced in a while! Brutally cold weather, rather cool spring and the summer is a series of cooler days with "pop-up" storms and rain. And accompanying it all? Clouds. Got to have clouds to have snow and rain. And you've got to have clouds to bring the mood down. Or you can just be in a "downer" mood.

One great thing about the rain: it makes it easier to maintain a beautiful lawn; I don't think I've seen it this green and even all of my adult years. On days when the forecast is "partly cloudy," that mix allows the grass to get a break from the extreme sun. Throw a rain shower here and there and the yard is beautiful!

Clouds come and go; I've taken pictures recently of awesome cloud formations. I'm looking forward to getting more shots as well, especially the stormy ones where the sky turns a luminous green.

One cloud doesn't get moved by the wind and the other clouds heading east over Lake Michigan: the cloud that's been in my life no matter what. That's the cloud of dreams and goals. I can say for certain I can see the shape it takes! It is clear to me now and I am grateful it has never left me.