Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thought for The Day - Do it Again!

Everyone who has ever tried anything of any significance knows you will more than likely fail before you succeed. We all know this. But we Have an image of others succeeding with some huge effort. We see them (and us) getting up at some point and pushing through every obstacle. But did you know succeeding is a continuous process? Have you acknowledged the small victories in your life?

People who attempt "great things" fall often. But they get up again...and again...and again...and again! I don't know if you get that, I'm not sure if that is clear. It's not a matter of getting up and never falling. It isn't an issue of lack of skills or training or knowledge, but a matter of sheer force of will! If you follow my blog with consistency, you will read in my words a guy who can be depressed and extremely negative. But continue reading and you will find that I'm GETTING UP!!! I don't want to count how many times I've "given up," or recall when I said "it will never work!" Instead, for each day I am allowed to wake, to rise - and I mean waking and feeling exhausted - I get up, move and consider "today" the day I'm going to make it!

If you've "fallen and can't get up," don't lie there! Make every effort to get up. Keep doing that, keep trying to get up! And when you get up: DO IT AGAIN!!!