Saturday, July 5, 2014

Thought for The Day - Something All Your Own

Some people live the length of their life searching for "that thing..." They are certain their purpose for living isn't to contribute to medicare or to be a statistic on the census bureau. But they aren't sure to what degree their daily breathing, eating and sleeping contributes to the grand scheme. You look among your peers, the eyes of family and friends for the answer. You read "The Good Book" and other books of life, searching for it and nothing seems to fit. And every now and then, you stare up at the stars, wondering if...

Every where you search reflects your purpose. The world is simply a mirror of the wonderful energy in you! And your purpose exists in the work of your heart and mind that brings the deepest satisfaction. Now, you can "name it," give it a designation, try to make it fit into a category, but at some point, that "box" isn't large enough to contain the essence of who you are.

You are made in the image of God, my friend and as vast and passionate as His love for us all can be expressed, so awesome are your reasons for being here! Make every effort to live life to the fullest knowing no effort of self-discovery and service to others, is wasted!