Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thought for The Day - Breeze

Many mornings and days
I start my journey headed east
Another day of repeated tasks
And familiar greetings
They drag from day-to-day
And though you are a bright spot in my day
Your clouds seem to be gathering
Like August hurricanes
I watch you becoming restless
Troubled as your feet repeat each step 
Hoping each day brings a distraction
A moment of release
But the dawn seems to bring more of the same
And each adventure
More storms and weight

There is a storm brewing
Greater than you and I
It’s disturbing the very atmosphere of this old world
Troubling life as we know it
It’s more than a change
It is a rockin’ shakin’ tremblin’ force
Sure to disturb

We wont blow away
We’re held fast in hope
Though all around us seems blown away
And every wind seems to rule
Darkness surrounds
Light dissipates