Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thought for The Day - Day break

In a few more days, this will mean much more to me...

I was never a morning person; come to think of it, I've never been a particular part of day kind of person! But over the course of adult years, I've found it easier to be awake earlier and earlier! More often than not, I'm awake before the sun rises and in a near future, I hope to be seated in a place where I can watch the sun come up over the eastern sky, on a regular basis.

There is much promise in the rising of the sun. The promise can be misplaced from day to day, when we think life doesn't change. If you wake each day with the same perspective, i.e. looking down at the ground, you're right: life never changes. If you wake with the attitude that nothing good ever happens to me, you're right! You can make Israeli conflict a direct correlation to your arthritic shoulder if you like! And while you're in pain and distress, hoping some small relief would come along, the sun is rising and some where, someone is rising, stretching and smiling!

Day break, the opportunity, if you will, to ride the changes of a new day. With the rising of the sun, cloudy or not, you can begin again, go further than the previous day, stretch your limits until you are thoroughly surprised!

This day, I'm not a morning person; I'm an all day person!