Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thought for The Day - One Pebble

Found in a stream, one clear summer morning, it becomes the constant companion, held in the small hand of a child. It is taken out of his pocket, looked at and admired. It isn't much to anyone else, possibly in the stream full of stones and pebbles it would go unnoticed. But one small child, one quick glance and instant attraction.

The pebble becomes a constant companion, it is rubbed and rubbed until it glows with a shine. The child grows to a teen ager and the pebble is placed on a shelf above his desk in his room. He looks at it each day and loves to hold it in his hand. It reminds him of fishing trips with his father and times when his primary focus wasn't education and trying to be what others think he should.

The pebble follows the young man through life, now in a small velvet lined box. As an adult, he keeps it in his desk at work. And throughout the day, he takes it out and holds it in his hand. And it always feels warm in his hand as he rolls it in between his fingers and holds it firmly in his palm.

One pebble, a flat, brown and tan stone, picked out of stream by a small child. In the mix of all the other pebbles, it had no value. But in the hand and heart of one person, it's value is limitless.