Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thought for The Day - The Saga Unfolds

The Series

Through out our lives, the story is told. We who have the pleasure of sitting comfortably in a 'domicile' probably enjoy "dramas," the most. But in truth, our lives are full of drama as well...

As I write, I imagine stories occurring as people read. I'm "tapping" into your mind, the reader of this blog to see what words evoke your hopes and dreams, as well as your life story. I am fortunate enough to have experienced or told a great deal of stories, so at some point, in some way, "your story" might be told. But don't be alarmed or cautious, because "your story" is the life everyone lives! In one way or another, we all experience similar drama, comedy and even amazing, unbelievable sci-fi type stories.

Painting is the same as well. Standing at a canvas or sitting with pencil in hand, My mind is full of stories and scenes. Coming to mind, floating in my head, are the lives of family, friends, celebrities and people in countries, I "assume" exist. God even has a starring role, as I lay color and texture on a 2D surface. With a million stories, there are as many directions a piece can take. I might have in mind to put yellow over this blue, but as I'm moving the paint to that area, I am directed in another place, decisions, ideas and the Possibility constantly churning. I am bombarded - in a good way - with amazing choices! And the story never ends!

Every life contains moments, those little areas that hinge in our memory and we recall as pivotal periods. We all have them. For me, it's as if some actor decided to speak up and share their heart, with the spotlight on them only. And the same holds true, sometimes within one piece of art. There are sections that are highlighted, that stand above the rest. But they are an integral part of the larger piece or the larger series.