Monday, July 7, 2014

Thought for The Day - All of That Stuff!

It's frustrating and maddening and at times, brings tears to your eyes! The times when you can't get what you want and when you make an effort and fail; it drives you crazy! And when well meaning people "encourage" you with "well meaning advice" that sounds a lot like suggestions of surrender! No matter where you turn, the whole world seems poised to destroy your good intention. But...

You are turning, meaning you continue to look for some way, "some how" to do what's in your heart! For some of us, it is an intention, like the roots of an Oak tree, buried in your soul! It's source of life so strong, no matter what conditions and storms exist, you fight like a undisputed champion, until you have achieved!

All of that energy, including what seems to work against you, is working in your favor and is the necessary fuel to propel your life forward! You keep fighting through it all! And "all of that stuff" will one day feel like encouragement and validation!