Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thought for The Day - Themes and Ideas

Like the lyrics to a song heard, understanding comes but not right away. In the past, I have called it "scratching" or you might call it doodling, except I do it on canvas and or a large sheet of paper. I sit down, a need to render, to be creative burning. I might begin at the bottom, the middle, sweep a line across from left or right, or vice-a-versa. But it is siting with the process, allowing the message to come through, that gets it for me.

Snippets of the latest series "Canvas" are presented above. I didn't have cloth in mind when I began the first painting, I was simply "scratching." I applied the strokes and gave myself time to develop the image over time. And at some point, I noticed the lines seemed to look like bed sheets or a comforter thrown to one side of the bed. The sense of fabric, twisted, wrinkled and thrown around brings to mind comfort and being wrapped and shielded. But there are always multiple themes and ideas running through any one piece. With that in mind, the second painting, "Canvas, with a swirl" came about.

With this piece, the idea is again, "Canvas," but there is a sense of a stretch of desert landscape. There is always a sense, with bed linens, of space and from the correct view, my imagination pictures an area where bedouins live. There's also a sense of the sky, the space above and beyond the desert.

Just a quick peak into my creative process. Enjoy!