Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thought for The Day - Momentum

...let it continue; there are words to be written, to be uttered; bring the other world’s energy to this place and effect a change. Planting seeds, providing soil and rain nourishment. Don’t stunt the growth, but permit it. Remove what is dead and useless to be moved. Pull up what is not desired and grow. But in all, continue moving until your soul says “pause.” 

There images in mind that when rendered, communicate truths. There are colors and shapes to bring from the source, their power and purpose can change the very lives of the viewers. And the only limit is the available time to draw them out. 

As one moves and gets in the practice of "gaining steps," one finds some things, some people fall behind. It isn't intentional, and certainly not your desire to leave, but you are gaining momentum, moving forward. A kind way to put it, is we aren't on the same path and it makes us feel a little easier when conversations don't occur as often. 

Momentum is needed and near perpetually. Even when the path we're on is uphill, full of obstacles or outright blocked, we have to continue on our way. And the difficulties, the times of loneliness, well we hope at some point the road gets smooth and new friends as well as old friends find their way back into our lives. But when you gain momentum, when you're moving forward, continue doing so.