Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thought for The Day - Float

A Day in The Water 24 x 30 Oils

Slowing my pace
Easing my mind
Present in this moment alone
The world is a tranquil place
The waves of water carry me along

Nerve endings respond
On impulse
Turning over on my back
and turning my thoughts
from slight panic
To calm acceptance
I float along on my back

Submerge into the depths
Eyes open
But not seeing much more
Than sun illuminated blue
Ears, detecting murky voices
And the sound of water
Close to the eardrums

All is peaceful in this place
There is no hasty schedule to keep
No work deadlines to panic
There is only the peace of floating
In liquid tranquility

Floating upward
The need for reality
And air
Burning in my chest
And mind
Just before I breathe in
I pause
To imagine
If only life could be lived
In these depths!