Friday, April 25, 2014

Thought for The Day - Dead Weight

After the Dance 18 x 24 Charcoal

A saying that conveys carrying someone who is unable to "help you" carry them; perhaps someone knocked out, who can't adjust their body or shift to make the load easier. Or worse, literally someone who is dead. Metaphorically speaking, we often carry people, situations, emotional history that is just that: dead weight. It hampers our steps, as in you should be able to go forward with your life, the plans and desires you've had for years, but this dead weight prevents you. You should  feel freedom of movement and a joy of life, but this dead weight is like extra gravity; you can't get free!

Is it that you are bound to these people, these situations or this emotional baggage? Or is it a choice you make to carry it? Do you decide, before flying off to freedom, that "no, I can't go because 'so-and-so' won't approve." Do you recall those past hurts when you meet someone who is kind and seem to  unselfishly look out for your best interests? Do you give helpful people a side-eye glance, trying to determine "what's their angle?"

The problem with carrying around "dead weight" is eventually, you become dead, lifeless, stuck. You find the same old tune playing each time you wake and every waking moment of the day. And the larger issue, though you can't tolerate the song, you keep it on repeat!

My friend (and talking to myself), take the steps today to free yourself. If all you take are small steps, do it today and little by little you will be free to move and live.