Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thought for The Day - My Extended Hands

I'm Listening 24 x32 Oils

It's my hope that, when needed, my words are heard and felt by you. It's my desire to soothe and ease your journey through life. It is my hope that the words written and images bring healing and a sense of wholeness to you.

I write because I can; because words contain healing. My words are an extension of my desire to see people enjoy this "thing" called life. We live in a world of conflict and at the very least, difficulty. From day-to-day, people move about either oblivious to one another or indifferent. I understand, I get it. When there is so much abuse and misunderstanding, finding genuine connections are rare. Well, take this as my genuine offer to you.

Each day, I think of those who are reading this and many I may never know. I may not receive recognition from you and to a certain extent, it's okay. The intention is to stir your thoughts, your feelings and allow God's presence to do the work I can only imagine. Open your heart to healing; to a life without limits!