Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thought for The Day - Accept the Good

Taking a break from my normal routine and talking about something I learned this morning, about myself.

First of all thank you, China Brooks - check her out on YouTube for a video by the same title: Accept the Good. I watched it this morning, as I went through my morning routine of journaling. I listened, while I wrote and I had to admit something to myself: I don't "accept good." I'm one of those people who decided to be a "giver," but complain when I don't receive. Oh I could give the reasons and excuses, try to justify my behavior, but quite honestly, it's time I allowed "good" into my life. I've had friends come and go, family members who moved on with their lives or passed on, and I didn't appreciate the contribution and love. My wife buys good food and prepares it well because she loves me. And yet, I'm always too concerned with what I'm not getting to notice what I am receiving.

I could go on identifying my shortcomings, but what I want to say in this moment is allow the good in your life. If God thought enough of you to give you a name, an identity and personality, He loves you and pours it on you EVERYDAY! Merely receive it and allow it to flow in you and through you.