Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thought for The Day - What I Do

I take bold steps and step back to see if that's okay. I challenge myself physically, emotionally, creatively and then wonder why I'm not seeing the results I desire. I have moments of creative insight, great concepts for rounding out this latest painting, and I run off to do the laundry.

It is a struggle and blessing, going from the mountain-top, to the valley in a days time. Now I know, "into each life, a little rain must fall," but there's something to be said for not doing the "rain dance," to invite it when you're standing in four feet of water. We really can be our own worst enemy, and if that isn't enough, we are our worst critic.

To this end, I work daily to remain on top of the given tasks. If I can't get to a painting, I sketch out the ideas on my electronic sketch pad. I make notes and journal and follow up on my ideas, so that some forward movement occurs in my life. I'm hardly the model of progress and no "guru" of personal development, but if I can get over my own two left feet, I might leave a legacy that my grandchildren can appreciate, if not admire.