Friday, January 10, 2014

Thought for The Day - Momentary Value

Linen (in process) 30 x 40 oil

In this case, when I say "momentary," I'm not speaking of temporary or transitional, but those moments when you appreciate something or someone. I don't know about you, but I can be fickle; it's not a matter of not loving or having long lasting appreciation, but it's a matter of having "highs and lows." Behind me, sits a painting titled "Linen," the first in a series (currently working on number two; that will come up for air soon) and certain aspects of the colors and the style of it struck me. I "appreciate" my work, but there are times when I don't "value" my work. I'm thankful for the gift of expression, for the ability to express myself in word and images and so glad I'm back to rendering. But there are times when I take for granted that I'm doing work that is rich and attention worthy.

Believe me, that isn't an easy thing to write. I'm thinking of the reaction of the people who might read it, thinking they will say "that's conceited" or worse "I don't see anything of value." But sometimes you've got to start where you are and appreciate your own work. Now tomorrow, with a little time on my hands, I may look at that same image and see the flaws and consider ways to improve it or what should have done differently. But for now, I appreciate the depth of color and movement - the Momentary Value.