Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thought for The Day - Shine On!

A Response (in process) 24 x 36 Oil painting

On any given day, at any given moment, we are capable of the greatest light reflecting from our hearts. Yes, the snow, cold, aching bones, long hours at work, being unappreciated while we're there, working jobs that are boring (but we need the money so we never lift our eyes to see what's in our soul) and a life that is fairly mundane...whew! Stuff weighing us down! Your every thought turns to the burdens and before you know it, everything is killing you!

But...somehow you go on. You rise, get dressed and face another day. You find humor in the morning madness of radio hosts and wish you could have "their job, they make it seem like so much fun." And though those moments of laughter don't last long, it remains in your heart. The day progresses laboriously; you make it through the day, barely it seems, but you survive it and in the evening hours, there's not much to look forward to except preparing for the next day. But every now and then, something stirs in you, prompting you to consider there's more to life than meets the eye. And you go on.

You explore another degree, perhaps take classes or just pick up a hobby. "Maybe I'll join a bowling league or join an exercise class." You call it boredom, needing excitement in your life and you move from one thrill to another. But...

The light exists in your soul and whether expressed through the mundane or gloriously in the light of celebrity status, shine on! When we allow the light to shine on us and through us, we touch, heal and elevate one another to heights unknown. We soar, we glide on wings and breathe "rare air." Come on people, SHINE ON!