Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thought for The Day - Pesky Little Things

The Beginning of... 18 x 24 pastels

Those annoying little noises, habits and distractions. "I wish they would stop making that noise!" "Somebody needs to do something about ______!" We all have those things and people in our lives and in those moments of frustration, we wish those things would go away! But maybe, perhaps, it could be the problem isn't the noise, the habit or the person; maybe it's you who is the problem. OR the solution!

We are often the the author of our trouble; we know this already in the sense that we have bad habits, crazy thoughts and the like. But switch gears for a second; maybe what we are so accustomed to expressing is our frustration and we should switch to is the voicing our desires! Believe me, your desire isn't for "them" to "stop making that noise," it's for your own thoughts to be clearer and for there to exist in your life a sense of peace and harmony. Truthfully, we are so out of touch with what we want, our lives filled with things we don't, we lose sight of real desires.

The real? That sense of self exists beneath all the fears, reminders of loss and the latest "breaking news." Spend some time and not just today, getting to the core of who you are and the genuine desires within.