Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thought for The Day - Blank Surface

Fall for Francene (in progress) 11 x 17 watercolor and pastels

Starting the "new year" with blank surfaces. A canvas sits on the easel and though no paint has touched the surface, I know what is to come. I sprayed fixative onto my latest pastel pieces and placed them in the folder with all my other work. My two drawing boards sit in the corner with nothing on them. It's time to start something new.

There is never a shortage of ideas and sketches I would like to try. I probably have more ideas in my head than will ever see the light of day. But one thing is certain: I love my work! I read years ago that a person's career should consist of things you would do if money weren't the object. I'm not there yet, but the writing and drawing and painting are things I would regardless of whether I was paid or not. While I wasn't blessed with an ear and ability to play music, since I was a child, I've tried playing different instruments periodically. And when life changes for me, I will pick up those guitars, start playing the piano again. There are so many tunes in my head I would love to hear myself playing!

It is about expression; it's about sharing one's perspective and one's mind with the world around us. I start this year doing what I love and sharing it with you.