Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thought for The Day - Distractions

I've decided to include a "healthy dose" of distractions in the morning as part of my morning prep. You see I'm a multi-processing, multi-interested individual, even at my best effort to be singularly focused. I don't think I'm ADHD or anything, it's just I'm trying to squeeze in a great deal of interests in the morning. I am supposed to be working at journaling; that was supposed to be part of the reason for getting up at 3:00 am. But sitting in my 'space,' surrounded by my art, pieces that are complete and in process, I think of ways to improve on the work. There's always a theme I want to repeat, to turn into a series for exploration purposes. Then there's "social networking..." that can take up some time, but I can get as distracted by the music I "have to" hear as well. Currently, I allow iTunes to play at random whatever it chooses, but there are certainly times where an artist and particular release, comes to mind.

There's also the prep for the gym, which includes packing the bag, getting the clothes prepared and having clothes ready to change into afterwards. It's amazing how two hours fly by when you're trying to squeeze it all in. My absolute favorite distraction is the easel. Because I know that can be an all consuming activity, I have to balance time in front of it or else, I won't make it to the gym. Speaking of which, I'm on my way out the door.

Above, my latest process, call it "Linen, with a little distraction." - Working title.