Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thought for The Day - Winter Break

The image that came to mind was a bear in hibernation, but that's a luxury I can't afford! So it's a winter break.

Sometimes your journey requires a time of reflection and pause. Please believe, I seem to enjoy "meditating on the go" but every now and then, God slows my feet, forces me to sit and change my view point. A few weeks ago, it was a cold that all my smoothies, exercise and vitamins would not help me avoid. I tried to go to work in the middle of the illness, felt great for the better part of the day and toward the end of the day, I could barely keep my eyes open. A couple days off and a weekend for that. Then last week, taking the stairs to the basement, the usual evening routine of preparing for the next day, I tripped over my son's 'boats' sitting on the stairs. One leg went down the stairs, the left twisted behind me and I heard and felt a nice pop! Undaunted, I got up - eventually - and finished getting clothes together to go to the gym the next day and ate dinner. But as the evening went on, the swelling and tightness started. I didn't go to the gym the next day, but I went the following day. I now have a doctor's appointment to determine how serious this can be.

Routines are good, we need plans and goals and execution of the same, but sometimes, we also need to slow down, allow the noise to quiet. Listen. Reflect. Determine if there is something else you need to consider. This is where I am today.