Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thought for The Day - Rise of a New Day

I am certain, I'm not the only one who considers this: there doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day!  Rarely is this said about our jobs, but for those times when deadlines are fast approaching, and the effort needed to complete tasks isn't enough, "work" gets thrown into the category too! We spend our conscious hours chasing a rabbit with a clock on his head, around a track! We rise early, go to bed late and wonder why we are exhausted all the time. Task after task after task fills our day! And of course, one of our biggest concerns is when do we have time for "me" or "us?" Is it possible to squeeze in a few minutes, an hour or two to relax or go for a walk - without it being a 5k for charity?

The dawn of a new day; there's nothing like it when you have time to appreciate it! Take time to appreciate it. Plan your day with a little extra time relax at the beginning of the day. Sit with a book or a journal, take some time to reflect on your progress, where you are in life. Calmly, with little thought of the day ahead, consider what you would like your life to be. Do so, pushing off "I can't" and "My finances" as much as possible.


And allow this precious time to become part of your waking moments!