Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thought for The Day - Patchwork Tapestry

Open Channel 24 x 36 Oil painting

The Turn 12 x 18 pastels

Where are You Now 8 x 11 colored pencil

After the Dance 18 x 24 mixed media

A fragment from this memory

An unused stretch of silk that would fit perfectly in 'this' spot

Your hand

My heart

This road trip...

Parts and sections brought together with your love of ice cream over rich peach cobbler. This woven pattern of life; so big I can't see where it starts and it stretches east, west, north and south out of sight. The blue of the skies, the brown clay dirt and rocky surface are a part of this beautiful patchwork fabric. And the tears you cried when your child outgrew your "kissy" good-byes are mingled in, as well.