Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thought for The Day - Capturing a Moment

A few years ago, getting back to painting and drawing, I wanted to "capture the moment," to preserve images in my head, on canvas and paper. But at the same time, I was aware that the beauty of the moment was that it was transitional, transcendent. Certainly we have memories and words capture the tone, but nothing can capture that moment you turn, look up, catch a glimpse of light, shadow, colors and movement. The image, the memory is one that happens in a stream. We are only "here" for seconds and we are on to the next and the next.

Today, I think differently. I reason that this image, this moment will come along in one form or another, some other time. And quite honestly, it doesn't matter if I recognize it as such; just realize life moves on, good things (and some bad) comes back around and every day is an opportunity to experience life anew!

I have a head full of images, words, memories and concepts. I could write all day, paint all day and walk the streets of Chicago from sunup to sundown! But the external is a shadow of what remains unseen and I am not the sole "recorder of deeds." We are in this life together and we share this journey.