Friday, October 3, 2014

Thought for The Day - The Same






When your soul is restless, "normal" becomes boring. When your life lacks stability, "regular" is desired. Trained in routine, it is our basis for life. Waking up at a certain time each day becomes a habit formed and maintained throughout our lives. We find it challenging to change this basic part of our life. And when situations rise and the time we wake for work becomes "irregular," we have a hard time adjusting!

But we say we crave change, something new and different and exciting! Are you sure that's what you want? Actually, it doesn't matter because change is always in the air! Hovering over the basics of our lives, nothing stays the same. The changes we desire and those we don't constantly alter our perspective. Today, we can hardly wait for football season; in a year or so, we hardly notice it's fall!

Stability is part of our DNA; and variety is the spice of life!