Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thought for The Day - It Happens

The Turn 9 x 12 pastels

There are days, weeks and months where you simply "flow." No interruptions, no thought of loss or doubt. But suddenly, out of nowhere, in a moment of hesitation, it as if the hot air balloon you've rode loses it's altitude and you come crashing back to earth. That solid flat place where doubt and fear live. That place where desires shrivel on the vine and never deliver...

It certainly happens; we all go through spells and fits where things don't go as we plan or as we perceive they should. For some of us, it seems a great deal of our lives is spent on the ground, away from the lofty skies where dreams are complete. But as much as we despair, we don't have to remain on the ground! I dare say, while "dreaming is for dreamers," much of what we accept as reality was shaped by dreamers!

Don't give up, don't allow disappointment to turn your dream into an ulcer or cancer! Wake up, get busy making your dream your reality. And watch the world change as a result!