Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Thought for The Day - Gradations, Variations and Textures

As you can see, I love color...seriously, it never occurred to me, since I began painting years ago, that it should be any other way. I also love mixing and layering colors to get the effect of movement, light and shadows. For me, it's always felt like, even a wall, painted white, had variables and grades of white and shadows. There always seems to be more going on, everywhere and that life is this wonderfully complex movement. It's beginning and end, none of us will ever comprehend and quite honestly, that only lends to the mystery and majesty!

Tactile sensations...running my fingers across tile, polished and white, there are variations, tiny spots where the pores of the clay beneath the glaze, can be experienced. It's like skin, experienced in all it's wondrous complexity, with patience and intent. The clouds above, a child's opportunity to create without moving a finger, to imagine and see elephants floating above. There are shades, and colors and stories floating above, and not just for children. The clouds I see today, have seen a farmer's eyes, traveled over roads, dipped into valleys and stirred another's sense of wonder.

This sense of creation, the sense of wonder is one I cherish. It is my hope to render it in words and images. It is my hope to share my sense of astonishment at God's ability to amaze us!