Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thought for The Day - The Challenge

Well over a year ago, I began this habit of writing a "thought for the day." Funny how elements are introduced into your life. I've been writing and journaling for approximately 15 years and would have never guessed it would lead to a daily blog! And you know it's a habit when you wake, spend the day and practically go to bed with countless ideas on your mind!

My challenge is also daily; it's not a lack of content, but narrowing the subject matter. My challenge is selecting a topic that will be relevant and yet remain true to my inspiration. By that I mean it would be easy to write about what people have commented or "liked." But the true purpose of this writing is to encourage as I am lead to do. To write and give a little of myself away, as I do. There are times it seems like I'm empty or near spent. But I also find that sitting down to begin this process there's a wealth of "me" to share.

My challenge is overcoming my shortcomings and putting myself out for the world - EACH DAY!