Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thought for The Day - Uh, Maybe I Don't "Got This"

I start the process, a blank surface in front of me and at times, as blank a surface in my head. No preconceived notion just waiting to be released, but my surrendering to the process. And at times, what comes as a result is what you see in this forum. All too often, in between the times I render, while sitting in this space, I think "what is it Im trying to do?" I examine the lines and colors and how it twists. Like a person riding along in a car seeing faces and horse and elephants in the clouds, I concentrate on the shapes and try to see the same. But like a mature artist, I try to find the storyline in the images as well. All life is full of stories and histories and biographies; we live them out everyday, though we don't realize our story is being unfolded, day-by-day, from dilemma to resolution.

There are times when I "know" which way I want to go, what direction I want the painting or drawing to go. And on rarer occasions, I'm able to complete the piece as I saw it in my head. But all too often, the colors and patterns laid down, change and realign into something I didn't expect. In this moment, I have to say "thank God for allowing me to get back to art at this point in my life!" If I were younger, I would be thoroughly discouraged that things weren't working as I think they should! Oh believe me, it's frustrating, but life experience, a lifetime of disappointments and learning the lesson behind them, allows me to be patient. And yes, over time, "things work out."

This art "work," the creative process is full of twist and turns, I'm not always sure where I'm going. But I'm sure if I keep on the path, I'll get to where I should be soon.