Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thought for The Day - Saturday Feel

My Palette, waiting for paint!

Growing up, Saturday morning was spent cleaning house, listening to music, watching Soul Train, either out shopping with my mom or watching cartoons. Saturday afternoon, I would definitely get outside and play "cars" with neighborhood friends and cousins or play basketball. By the time I was 17, I worked Saturdays at a nearby Sears store and spent the day there. That progression from being a child to a young man didn't seem so traumatic; I earned my own money and got to hang out with peers working at the store.

The "Saturday Feel" changed by the time I married. No more part time job and Saturdays spent in the store; now cleaning the house became my primary responsibility, along with running errands and driving my wife out to shop in an area where he wasn't familiar. For a stretch of time, friends unexpectedly stopped by and Saturday cleaning and errands were suspended. We would run from one mall to another and at some point, we visited new subdivisions and new homes like we were shopping for clothes. So this was adulthood? Much the same as childhood.

These days, Saturdays are much quieter. My children are off in their own world and places and my wife and I, though still running errands and cleaning, have a little more time for ourselves. But I find myself squeezing in moments of dreaming, drawing and painting. Of course, that time is always pre-empted by the needs of others, but I'm working on making my inner world a priority.

The "Saturday Feel" on the surface is this ever changing, evolving active day. But beneath it all, the sense and feel remains the same: a break from the hustle and bustle. It is a sense of having time for personal concerns and desires. And while my love of art seems like a 'starving child," I keep the desire alive. Who knows? One day soon I may be able to have a "Saturday Feel" Monday - Friday!

Enjoy your day!