Friday, February 14, 2014

Thought for The Day - The Brightness and The Light

Of a feather 18 x 24 pastels

Let it in,

The illumination that comes from above,

The possibilities of life lived to the fullest

Not necessarily free of stress or absent of challenges

But celebrating struggle

And growing together

A life accompanied by Guidance and Help

All too often, we are motivated by what hurts us. Either we're trying to avoid it or we are inflicting it to preserve our existence. But it takes moments when we least expect it, to allow the light of God to shine in on our lives. Those moments, when you've "had enough," you can't take another worry or concern and your mind goes blank. But you're mind is never blank or without perception; we are always - especially when we're sleep - aware of our world. And our world is larger than what's visible and perceivable with our five senses!

Allow those moments when you absently stare at a car passing by, or a child playing, to guide you. Open your heart to hear the message waiting to be part of who you are. It will not guid in step-by-step instructions, the path you should take. So many times, you are exactly where you should be. But it will guide you, in the sense of pointing to details you're overlooking, over-analyzing or parts unknown.

Allow the light to shine "in you."