Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thought for The Day - Speak

Declare it! With bull horn or a loud voice! Urgency and insistent, let it be known! Because it's in your heart and the abundance is too much to hold in.

For so long, I thought declaration (preaching, teaching and counseling) and creativity (writing, drawing and painting) ran on two different paths and somehow I was trying to run the different paths, but one at a time. Recently, I came to accept that the two aren't parallel or separate, but because they reside in me, they are one in the same. The need to share my life is the same need to be creative. To speak originates from the same vein as writing and painting. And it all declares a reservoir that runs beneath. That source isn't a trickle and is larger than any ocean. It's beginning is unknown and it's end is the same!