Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thought for The Day - Along the Way

I do this because I've had experiences. I write daily because there's always something on my mind and my heart is not stuffed, but it is full. I am "going through," moving down the road, making my way, not to a destination, but on a journey.

Many twists in my path, places where, though I prayed "a change" would take place, "this" isn't what I expected. I didn't realize in 2011, when I rendered a quick series called "The Turn," that I was preparing for a couple unexpected shifts in my path. Journaled and blogged about it too, but still I didn't know...

There are moments in life when you reflect, you recall, you dwell on things that happen and think "If I could, I would go back and change 'that...'" Since you don't know what's still on your path, don't try to erase scars, wrinkles and grey hair; there may come a time in life where those are the true indicators of brilliance, intelligence and beauty! Live and love today, and when regrets come your way, store them for a time when they are turned into joy!