Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thought for The Day - 40,000 foot view

1929 - 1981
1891 - 1919
1952 - 1955

"Here lies a loving, husband and father"
"Our cherished mom"

Yours and my life summed up in a dash and a few loving phrases. I've had "discussions" with people who wanted to refute the Holy Bible's credibility based on focusing primarily on men, because not much is written about Jesus' life as a child or man and the genealogies. I've taught students in Bible study who could hardly stomach the idea of reading through the genealogies! Please believe, I get it, but I also get something these folks don't: there were lives between the dashes, behind the limited words and less than revealing stories. People did "stuff", they felt "things," they went "places." They got up each morning, much the same way you or I do, they walked along paths, rode on horses, met with friends, had disagreements with family, etc, etc, etc.

And yet, when it's all said and done, we can't begin to tell our whole story! Some days, I can stomach the idea of going to a place that's paying me to "test" their software. And then there are days, and even moments throughout the day where I question my sanity! I know I have other desires and needs that I want to exercise and that I long to do so! I have moments throughout the day when I'm feeling lonely or happy, included (discussions, side conversations, etc) or I'm sitting on the train in my own world. There are moments when, if you say the wrong thing to me, you might not think I'm a nice guy anymore. And there are times when I can express love and emotions that may people sigh or cry! But all in all, I'm just another human, whose story is probably as common as having skin and bones.

Our lives are full of details, so many so, we could not try to tell it all. IF a biography were written about our lives, there are so many parts that would be skipped over. If one of us became famous, others might write their views of us as well. And some of the views might be unflattering. But when all is said and done, we were born, we lived (the fine details viewed from the clouds) and we will die.