Friday, November 28, 2014

Thought for The Day - After

Open Channel 24 x 36 oils

The Turn 11 x 18 pastels

If I could, I would run a thousand miles."

Energy is high, I am full of life; I should be on vapors but I am vibrant. I am strong. There is no need for bravado or flaring up to prove my strength; those tactics are reserved for those who choose to intimidate (perhaps to hide their own inadequacies). No, I am "me," I remain the guy that fades into the woodwork.

A twist, a turn; you know the path you're on, but cannot anticipate each rain cloud or dip in the road that leaves you wondering about other areas of concern. Stay on the path; it is yours and to be seen through until the end. Remaining true to it is all you have to offer to this journey. We all hope for a "someday, this will make sense," but in truth, that isn't the destination we seek. We want to be okay with the path and to have adapted to the extent, we simply navigate this path until we're done.

I look forward to the day when... but for now, I am here and I take each mile-marker as it comes.