Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thought for The Day - Originality

When I was in high school, much of what we created as art projects were either copied in total or style of other artists. At the time - the late 70's, we were still into the casual, less stylized look and still lifes were the order of the day. College was far more freeing, though, as I look back on it, the environment had a lot to do with it. A college, situated in the Chicago downtown area, teachers working professionals; it's a miracle I didn't come out of there with a series of solo shows!

It wasn't until I put down the brushes and pencils - buried them almost - that I allowed my own thoughts to conjure original subject matter. You will see mostly abstract art in my collection, but even the people are straight out of my head. I have a couple photos around that I would like to render someday! But when I do, there was most certainly be my own unique spin on them.

Why the thought about originality? Because, in a sense, this is our greatest asset as humans. We are all born with a unique perspective, another way to consider life and to lend one's talents and perspective to the collective. We may be influenced by others, maybe emulate them, but when I was in high school and each student struggled to render the same still life, each person's seat in the room, and there unique eye, made each drawing different. And that my friends, is how we build our world! Each one bringing their unique self to the table.