Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thought for The Day - Thinking...

Phoenix - 18 x 24 Pastels

You ever have one of those days, weeks - hopefully not longer - where you wish you could turn off your brain? It isn't the accomplishments or hopes that need to be shut down, it's those annoying self-doubts and life-confirming hard-knocks that leave you in a constant state of anguish! Everywhere you turn, trouble, difficulty and disappointments plague your every move.

Sorry, it's this way sometimes. We don't have the 'luxury' of lives full of mountains and flowers; our lives our lived in the valley and on the plain. And even our "bright spots" have to admit, sometimes it's downright disappointing to the extent you wonder if it's worth it.

Well it is worth it! Every hardship, every struggle and disappointment as well. So while the thoughts are racing to what seems to a brick wall, while it seems like the life you desire is off limits and moved on to rest on another's shoulders, keep pressing on!